Blender Resources

Hi there,
Some Blender resources to share with everyone.
Blender Guru (Tutorials)
Blender Art (Downloadable e-Magazine)
Blender Artist’s
Blender Newbies
Blender Online Manual
Blender Model Repository
Blender for Architects
51 Blender Tutorials
555 Blender Tutorials
Create an animated 3D text with Blender
Introduction to Smoke Simulation



Blender Forums

CG Society
Tutorialized: Blender 3D



Need to find FREE 3D Models to use in your production?

Click here to find a list of “60 Excellent Free 3D Model Websites

FYI: 3D Models may be created for other 3D programs, but may still work with Blender.



Need some add-ons for Blender? Try these on:’s
According to one of the sites…
Adding Libraries to Blender:
– Adding the Presets.
– Download & extract the blend file to a safe place -.blender/materials works for me.
– Open Blender (not the material preset file yet) go: File/Append & browse to the materials preset file.
– Select Scene “Materials” (the only scene) you will now have a new scene called “Materials”
go back to your default/normal start up scene.
– Press ctrl/u (windows) to save user defaults.

– Now each time you open Blender you have instant access.


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