I have been in many industries as a professional cameraman, video editor, audio engineer, graphic designer, illustrator, web designer & developer for 20+ years.

I currently, operate and run my own multimedia production / post-production studio.  The studio was established nine years ago and has been very successful.

My clients range from the individual on a no-string budget; to groups, organizations (incl. non-profit organizations); to small/home businesses; to Academics; to Company Departments; to large Companies and Corporations.

On any given contract, I may be required to wear many hats and depending on the client (and budget) I may be in a position to hire additional personnel.

My latest adventures require me to work in the area of 3D Animation.  Which has already lead to someone asking me if I can design video games.

I hope to be able to deliver the goods.  This aspect of the Digital TechScape is still brand new to me.

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