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Graduate Students as Media Producers: Using Smartphones to Produce Educational Video Content

December 9, 2015

S A M P L E  T E X T

At first when phones became “smart” and suddenly we had so many capabilities in the palms of our hands, I was still skeptical about the quality of both the photos and the videos produced by these small gadgets.  As time went by and the technology improved, I began to notice just how far we’ve come and began to experiment with mobile devices.

S A M P L E  T E X T

As a professional videographer, I’m use to having certain controls and features on a video camera.  Mobile devices didn’t have these functions built into the hardware like mainstream camera equipment, but rather through filters that could be downloaded and installed… many for free while others had a price tag.  Again, technology took a major leap forward offering quality lenses, better chips and sensors.  Granted they had limitations, but the quality of the images had greatly improved.  Video, too, had shown how it’s grown as well.  We can now have full Hi-Definition (HD) video at full frame rate.  My experiments continued.  This time around I wanted to produce a small series of content completely shot by mobile devices and see if anyone would really notice the significance in quality.  Mind you, this series of experiments lead to some interesting findings about the technology.

S A M P L E  T E X T

– – – to be continued – – –


Tablets as a Production Tool: Virtual Storage

July 27, 2012

OK, so I’ve been working with tablets lately and if you use tablets for work/play this may interest you.

One of the hottest trends right now is “virtual storage” where items can be stored and accessed from any computer or digital device. Thus, minimizing the use of USB drives.

I use a multitude of online storage sites which include: DropBox (2GB); Google Drive (5GB); Box (5GB); SkyDrive (7GB) and 4Shared (15GB). Logging into each site can be cumbersome. I’ve discovered ZeroPC – it has an interface that allows me to communicate, control and swap files from on [online storage] site to another. The interface, itself, is actually a virtual desktop that operates via your browser.

If you have a tablet, mine is an Android, ZeroPC – – can increase your storage capabilities by adding the ZeroPC app. For example, my tablet has an internal memory of 8GB, and has a 32GB memory card, plus I added an additional 66GB of online storage for a grand total of 106GB for my mobile device. According to the ZeroPC site, there is an app for the Apple devices as well.

ZeroPC has a free version that works great and I used it for a month. However, they also offer a 3-month subscription for about $9 that allows you to have multiple accounts to a variety of virtual storage sites. This means, you can open 2 or more 4Shared accounts, or a couple of DropBox accounts and manage them all through this interface without having to log into every account every time you need a file or two.

I hope this helps anyone looking to increase the storage capabilities of their tablets.

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